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BRC, Bangalore Real Estate Company, formed by four people with enormous expertise in sales, marketing, and land procurement for nearly 25 years. The sales and marketing team has sold around 1500 sites together and managed several national-level sports events, while the procurement team has successfully procured more than 150 acres of land so far within two decades for renowned developers.

Above all, BRC has empowered 60 investment partners with varied backgrounds contributing to the overall exuberant experience and creativity. With the phenomenal support from our investment partners, we foresee an excel in our projects planned and more to come in the future. With BIAAPA land approval for this potential, we herald to procure, develop and promote the land for SBI & Karnataka State Government, Employees Housing Cooperative Society Ltd.


Mr. Mandanna K A

Mr. Raghu M D

Procurement Partners

Mr. Muniraja

Mrs. Gowrishri N



Mr. Mandanna K A

An individual with manifold dreams, believes in dreaming big and progressing towards achieving them with best possible ways. With a varied experience of around 15 years in real estate, sales and marketing, event management and people management. Leadership being one of his many characteristics, he is the Managing Director of Bangalore Realestate Company. Being an MBA graduate in marketing, he excels in best in class ideas and promotions.
Sudhin has an array of business under him with his deep interest towards springing new ideas and formulating them into success. Below are some of his ideas turned into organizations now:
Managing Partner - Intra Dimension, an exclusive factory for plywood and a leading plywood supplier in Bangalore for all plywood needs with most experienced sales and service staff in the industry to suit the customers.
Managing Partner – Green Touch, an organic and health food store. With the introduction of organic chicken, a newly innovative chicken in India, it is dedicated in giving the very best of Fruits & vegetables aswell.
It was his passion for organic food, keeping in mind that ‘Health is the ultimate gift one can give, take and think about’ that Green Touch started. Planning and creating employment was another thing that added to it.
Founder Member - Live and Love Foundation, a trust focusing on Aforestation and reforestation, Children welfare, Old age home, Animal Shelter, Sports and Clean India initiatives.
Founder Member - GEO, Global Entrepreneurs Organization, a platform accommodating entrepreneurs from all grounds aiming at a common benefit for strengthening themselves by indulging in various planning, learning, knowledge sharing, mentoring, personality building and developmental sessions to upskill and grow together.
President - Bangalore Vigilance Squad Human Rights Committee
Proprietor of Flying Colours Events and Properties. He is also the Director and treasurer of Flying Colours Sports Trust, a sports trust organizing national level sports events.


Mr. Raghu M D

Mr. Raghu M.D has been in Bangalore for past 18 years, working with several real estate firms. He’s a leading champion in land procurement, marketing, legal and development work.

Managing Partners

Procurement Partner

Mr.Muniraju, hails from North Bangalore. Has a comprehensive experience in real estate with land procurements for over 15 years.

Mr. Ashwathappa is the Managing Director of Amulya Nest. He has an expansive experience over decades in land procurement and has successfully procured lands for commercial, residential, industrial and hospitality spaces in and around the state’s IT Hub. Apart from real estate, Ashwathappa has built taste towards many areas such as politics, social work and is a role model for many young and upcoming entrepreneurs. He has a deep interest in farming too.

His achievements in the Real-Estate Industry are:

  • Has successfully completed plotted development of 30 acres in three different locations namely Shettigeri, Chikkajala and Doddajala
  • Successfully procured land for Vidhana Soudha housing society located 2km from New Airport Road near Devanahalli Toll
  • Procured land for Coffee Board layout at Beeseganahalli
  • Land procurement for Shell company
  • Land procurement for Artha News Company
  • Land procurement GKVK IIT, Shettigeri
  • 30 acres Land procurement for Pragathi Group, Kodenahalli
  • Land procurement for SBI & Karnataka state government housing society limited

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